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Our Kitchen Garden

Plate to Plate
Plate to Plate
In 2013 we bought a property in Rosemarkie
with a large space out back. The space, with its southerly exposure,
struck us as the perfect spot for a Kitchen Garden. Since then,
we've taken all our food waste -- from our kitchen and your plates --
and put it into our Swedish composter to make rich fertiliser
to grow more food to serve in our restaurant -- a total
of 1 food mile door to door!

Kitchen Garden
Early Days
Looking at these seedlings in the
greenhouse, it's hard to picture the amazing
food that they'll grow up to make.

Kitchen Garden
Hardening Off
It's time for our seedlings to
go out into the cold, harsh reality of
the great outdoors. The biggest problem
is keeping the birds off the the lettuces,
carrots & tatties!

Kitchen Garden
Springing to Life
After thinning out the
plants we begin to think about
sunny days and rainy nights.

Kitchen Garden
Greenhouse Herbs
Spring weather can be cold
in the Highlands, so we grow our first crops
of basil, coriander, parsley & oregano
in the greenhouse on our home-made
terrace system.

Kitchen Garden
Stubborn but Tasty
One of our heirloom apple trees was being
root choked by this stubborn and lusty rhubarb
plant. Just when we thought we'd gotten rid of it,
back it comes with a vengance! As much trouble as
this plant is, it sure makes some tasty crumbles
and chutneys! (The apple tree is just fine, by the way.)

Kitchen Garden
Our Very Own Chef-Farmer
As if Anne doesn't have enough to do with changing
the restauant menu every day, making curtains, plastering, painting,
wallpapering and nearly everything else around The Anderson, she
still manages to find time to work her magic in the Kitchen Garden.
Here she pulls the first crop of Arran Victory potatoes,
which were ready early this year due to a fine, warm pring.

Kitchen Garden
Wild Garlic
One of the miracles of The Highlands is
this herb that's related to the chive. It's healthful, it's
prolific and it brings dishes to life with it's leafy goodness
and vibrant garlic scent. And we have enough to last a lifetime!

Kitchen Garden
Salad DIY
Baby radishes, mint, sage, rocket,
parsley, chives -- just picked and bursting with flavour.

Kitchen Garden
Tomato Madness
Highland summers aren't reliable enough to risk
planting tomaotes outside. So, we packed the greenhouse with
eight different varieties, with some extremely hot chili peppers
to keep them company.

Check back for more news about our Kitchen Garden and Plate to Plate food cycle!